Thursday, February 13, 2014

No Doubts Now!! Wenger Confirms Arsenal are Imploding

No Doubts Now!! Wenger Confirms Arsenal are Imploding Arsene Wenger ArsenalLiverpool absolutely dismantled Arsenal last weekend scoring 5 past Gunners’ usually solid defense to shock them big time. Such has been the aftermath of Liverpool drubbing, that Arsenal players have gone nervous and suddenly are not being able to perform at the optimum level. The above mentioned argument is by no means a myth but a fact confirmed by Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger himself. North Londoners have not won a single title in eight long years, they have come close a few times but then blown it away by imploding. The desperation level has gone up like anything and the Arsenal faithful cannot bear another meltdown. In 2010-2011 season, Arsenal were one of the favorites to win the title until February. Then a series of difficult fixtures meant that they were ousted from the FA Cup, lost league cup final, lost to Barcelona in CL and were soon out of the title race. Fears were there going into the game vs Liverpool that the same can be repeated this season as well. Reds thrashed them and Arsenal were badly influenced, to an extent that they could not play their fluent passing game against United and dropped points again. Wenger claimed: “We didn’t create enough chances to score. It was certainly down to the quality of Manchester United but I felt we were a bit nervous as well after the loss [to Liverpool] on Saturday.” “We were extremely focused on not conceding a goal and this restricted our free-flowing game going forward.” The fixtures are not getting any easier as gunners face Liverpool again in the FA Cup before they go on to face European Champions Bayern in CL who ousted them last season as well.
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