Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Wenger Is Arsenal Miracle Worker Says Club Legend

Wenger Is Arsenal Miracle Worker Says Club Legend

Wenger Is Arsenal Miracle Worker Says Club Legend

Arsenal legend Bob Wilson has branded current Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger as a miracle worker and said should he win the Premier League title it would be ranked up their with the ‘invincibles’ season.

Arsenal find themselves well and truly in the Premier League title battle after nine years without a trophy.

Wilson, who played over 300 times for the North London club between 1963 and 1974, praised the Frenchman’s achievements at Arsenal over his 18-year tenure at the club, the Daily Star reports.

“When you put everything into perspective in terms of the money and where the game is at, then to even be challenging this season, a point behind Chelsea with the way the club is managed, is a minor miracle and a great feather in the cap for this squad of players.

"If Arsenal could win the league this year, then in my opinion that would be an achievement to rank close to the 'invincibles' season.

"I look not only Arsene's great achievements when he first came.

"It is about what has happened since then, with building a new ground and all the debt that incurred, but still getting in the Champions League.

"Obviously you are going all that time without winning a trophy, which is now nearly nine years, but who has been winning things?

"Yes, Wigan won the FA Cup last year, but you need to play well and have the luck of the draw, but if you are talking about the major things, being champions of your country and Europe, then it all becomes secondary.

"Would you really rather say 'well, we won the League Cup', but then not be in the Champions League again next season? I personally wouldn't."

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho had previously called Wenger a specialist in failure as the two go head-to-head at the top of the table in the final months of the season.

Arsenal have their best chance for a trophy since their FA Cup win in 2005 as they look to win the Premier league as well as the FA Cup, although the Champions looks beyond their reach after a first leg loss to Bayern Munich last week.

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