Friday, January 31, 2014

Ramsey out for 6 weeks! No Draxler, No Vucinic. Arsene says we are not signing anybody at the moment

Ramsey out for 6 weeks! No Draxler, No Vucinic. Arsene says we are not signing anybody at the moment… Morning all… Arsene Wenger: Are we active? Yes. Are we close to sign anybody? No. There’s not long now that’s true. First, the situation was going like always in a transfer market – week by week. In the last two weeks it goes day by day, now it goes hour by hour. In any hour anything can happen or change but at the moment, unfortunately, we are not signing anybody. You know, when Arsene Wenger first arrived at our club and took the Premier League by surprise I loved him. I loved everything he did. He signed many players who were on the fringe of something good and somehow managed to get the best out of them and make them great. He got the best out of the British and added the overseas flair and style to turn us into one of the very best sides in England, maybe even Europe although that European title was always a step to far… The doubles were fantastic, 2003/04 was awesome, 2005 saw us win the FA Cup in a true determined fashion and 2006 finally saw us reach a Champions League final…. Since that day, the club has slowly gone downhill oo the pitch. Yes there are many reasons for that, the new stadium, paying off debts and just doing everything the club had to do to keep their heads above water. Well, that’s what we are told. Finally, in the summer of 2013, Ivan Gazidis made it quite clear that the hard times were over and we were back…. Mesut Ozil was signed to make sure we all knew were at it, in the money and in the mix for trophies. Ivan was right, we are in the mix for trophies, in fact we are in for three….. Yet, despite being in such a good place and with injuries to key players, here we are again on deadline day of the transfer window and the club, well Arsene Wenger, appears to be doing nothing to ensure that our best chance of winning something is greatly enhanced. I just don’t get it, not one bit!! If Vucinic doesn’t want to sign for us then fine, but where is the back up plan? Julian Draxler – all the stories coming from Germany suggest Schalke will not let him go this month. Other reports suggest that it’s all simply about the fee, one which the board are willing to meet, but Arsene Wenger is not. Why? If the board are happy, the deal should be done and fast because come the summer, he’ll be gone elsewhere just like so many others who we watch and admire quietly as they play for another club…. Ok, £37 million is a lot of money for such a young player but he’s clearly very good, very good as he’s already playing for his country and once the World Cup has been and gone, his value will only soar.. Hours are left now, just hours, yet this transfer window has been open for 30 days… This season is our best chance to win something but the club are on the verge of blowing it…… Fingers, toes and everything else that can be crossed, crossed that they don’t….. And to end on a really bad note, Sky Sports report that Aaron Ramsey is out for six weeks….. That’s your lot for another day……
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